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Times of crisis, sorrow, depression, or anxiety are inevitable across the course of life. Painful relationships and circumstances often seem to block us from living like to the fullest. For many, a combination of coping skills, family support, and friendly advice helps one grow through hard times. For some, in spite of all efforts, the problems persist. When problems become too heavy to carry alone, there is hope.

Consulting with a psychologist is a positive and wise method of resolving painful emotional problems. When problems are confronted early, further pain and struggle can often be avoided. Psychological services at FLCS are designed to lead you to a deeper self-understanding and to help you develop practical skills for living. FLCS is a place to share your burdens with confidence. We want to help you find your best solutions and will work to discover personal answers to your personal problems.

Comprehensive Perspective

Our multi-disciplinary viewpoint finds us respecting and utilizing allied professionals such as physicians, school personnel, dietitians, and hospital services when needed.

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